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Pea Shellers - Photos, Features and Prices for English Pea Shelling Devices

Pea Shellers 

These devices have been around for generations; if your great grandparents lived on a farm, they may have used one very similar to these.  The designs have been around for ages, your grandmother may have used one very similar to this to speed preparation of green and yellow beans for canning.

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 Mr. Pea Sheller - About $26;

  • Shells a bushel of peas in about 30 minutes.
  • Upper shaft is adaptable to fit your hand mixer. Makes the job even faster.
  • Steel construction with tough nylon gears
  • Easy to clean
  • One year guarantee

I haven't tried this one yet.  The reviews online are polarized - people either seem ot love it or hate it.





This is a pretty sturdy almost commercial pea sheller. It has only two reviews online, but both are very positive. I did notice the photo shows green beans going in... and shelled peas coming out. I wouldn't worry about that I suspect the photographer simply didn't know what he was doing when he staged the photo.

See the seller's website for features, pricing and user reviews!



And here is one more, that is very similar to the first, just through a digfferent vendor!