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Looking for New Hampshire Co-Packers to Make and Package Your Food Product: Jams, Salsa, Sauces, Pickles, Cookies, Pies, cakes, whatever! in 2024?  Scroll down this page and  follow the links. And if you bring home some fruit or vegetables and want to can, freeze, make jam, salsa or pickles, see this page for simple, reliable, illustrated canning, freezing or preserving directions. There are plenty of other related resources, click on the resources dropdown above.  If you are having a hard time finding canning lids, I've used these, and they're a great price & ship in 2 days.

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New Hampshire Co-Packers to Make and Package Your Food Product: Jams, Salsa, Sauces, Pickles, Cookies, Pies, cakes, whatever!

New Hampshire Co-Packers: Want to Sell Your Salsa, Preserves, Jams, Etc.? Learn About Using A CoPacker to Prepare It!

If you want to make and sell your home-made preserves, salsa, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter, jams, jellies, or whatever, you will need a licensed kitchen to prepare and can the food. That's fine for relatively small quantities, and if there is a licensed kitchen to rent nearby at a good cost. See this page for shared use kitchens in New Hampshire. But it may be less expensive (and less risky) for your new business to use a CoPacker to prepare their food, according to you recipe and process. 

What is a Co-Packer?

Co-packers manufacture and package foods for other companies to sell.  These products range from nationally-known brands to private labels.  Entrepreneurs choose to use the services of copackers for many reasons.  Copackers can provide entrepreneurs with a variety of services in addition to manufacturing and packaging products.  They can often help in the formulation of the product.  The copacker may function only as a packer of other people's products or may be in business with his own product line.  They may be, in fact, manufacturing several competing products.  The range of services available from a copacker will vary depending on the size and experience of the copacker and the type of facilities and the capacity of their plant.

Choosing a Co-Packer

You will want to choose a co-packer who has experience making the type of product and packaging that you need.  You may also want to choose a co-packer that is located close to you or your source materials and/or market or distribution centers to reduce costs.

See this page for much, much more about co-packers, like advantages, disadvantages and how to choose a copacker.

The following list consists of companies in New Hampshire that have co-packing capabilities. This list is neither all-inclusive, nor is it meant to serve as an endorsement.

If you are a co-packer wishing to be added to this list, add your information here.

New Hampshire Co-Packers

  • Genuine Local - Copacker, Commercial kitchen, Incubator, Business development consulting services, OtherWe specialize in small and start-ups, Paid Consulting services
    5 Winona Road, Bldg 2, Meredith, NH 03253. Phone: (603) 279-8756. Email: Open: See their website for for hours and availability. Directions: See their website for directions. Click here for a map and directions. We offer small-batch co-packing and production assistance as well as make the kitchen available for local makers. We also try to aggregate buying of ingredients and packaging for our customers whenever possible so everyone pays the lowest prices possible. We also offer a discounted services program - the Bootstraps Program - to help new businesses move forward or for existing businesses to develop or launch new products. The best place to start is to share a little information through our website. Click here for our Facebook page. (ADDED: March 27, 2019, Suggested by a visitor)
  • Lynch Specialty Foods, Inc. -  - Copacker, baking,  All-Natural, Gluten Free, Organic and/or Premium Artisan
    66 Baer Road, Rollinsford, NH 03869. Phone: 603-978-649. Fax: 603-509-2402 Cell: 603-767-0435. Email: Premium private-label baking mix developer, manufacturer and distributor with 30 years of experience. All-Natural, Gluten Free, Organic and/or Premium Artisan Bread, Brownie, Cookie, Cupcake, Layer Cake, Muffin, Pancake, Waffle, Quick Breads and Scone Mixes.
  • Neighbor Made -  - Copacker, Sauces, jam, salsa, chutney, dry products, baked goods
    52 Dunbar Street, Suite D, Keene, NH 03431. Phone: 603-338-9121. 

Where can I find more information about canning?

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