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Master List of Disease-Resistant Tomato Varieties for the Home Garden

Master List of Disease-Resistant Tomato Varieties for the Home GardenMany tomatoes from my home garden - One day's harvest

Summer is too brief to not have homegrown tomatoes.  Whether you live in the suburbs, the city, a farm, stead, a farm, townhouse, condo or apartment... you can grow some tomatoes!. But what if you live in a hot humid climate, where tomato plant diseases, fungus, virus, bacteria are prevalent and your plants die after a few weeks of tomatoes?  

Part of the answer is crop rotation, garden hygiene, proper watering techniques (see this page for details of all these tomato disease-management approaches). But it makes as much of a difference to choose the most disease resistant varieties.

Below is our master Disease-Resistant tomato varieties list, certainly the most complete on the internet (if I've missed any - tell me)and send photos of your tomatoes!

And this page explains how to easily, inexpensively grow your own tomato plants from seed, for about 50 cents per plant,

So scroll down to find your perfect homegrown tomatoes for this year's garden!

Where to buy the seeds

Click the name of the tomato in the Variety name column - if it is blue, that's a link to an online seller of the seeds. You can get more information, see photos, etc. I look for the best prices at the most reliable sellers and sources I can find, like Amazon, Burpee, etc. I use this list every year myself! And, in many cases, the se online prices are as good or better than local stores.

Plant growth

  • Determinates bear a crop all at once and stop.
  • Indeterminates keep growing and producing until frost

Days to Harvest

This is a general estimate under best conditions of how many days after your transplant the seedlings into the garden or contain until you harvest the first tomato.

Tomato size

We've broken it down into the general size categories:

  • Small - less than 7 ounces, usually a cherry or pear tomato for salads - Size of a marble up to a ping pong ball
  • Medium - Usually a slicer or an early tomato 8 to 11 ounces, golf ball to tennis ball size
  • Large - 11 to 15 ounces, almost a pound, tennis ball to almost baseball size
  • Very large - over 1 lb, could be the size of a softball

Disease Resistance

See the table at the end of the table. If your area gets frequent rains and it is hot and humid, you definitely need the disease resistant varieties.

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Master List of Disease-Resistant Tomato Varieties

Click here to print a PDF version

Variety name  (click for more info
and to purchase seeds)
Type Color Heirloom or Hybrid Days to Harvest Tomato size
<7 oz Small
8 - 11 Oz Medium
12 - 15 large
>15 Very large
Plant growth
Determinate or Indeterminate.
Disease Resistance
- See abbrv key following this table
Description and notes
Ace 55 Slicer Red open-pollinated Heirloom 75 Medium Determinate F1, V Ace 5510-12 oz. with good flavor. lower in acid, resists cracking.
Applegate Salad Red Hybrid 75 Medium Indeterminate F1, N, TMV Good flavor, clusters of fruit
Arbason F1 Slicer Red Hybrid 80 Medium - large Indeterminate F1, V, TMV  7-9 oz.
Beefmaster  Beefsteak  Red  Hybrid  75-80  Large   Indeterminate.  V, F1, N, A, St.  BeefmasterHigh heat tolerance and high yield, large, meaty fruits that up to a pound. 
Bellini Cherry Red/orange Hybrid 65 Large Indeterminate Good general disease resistance Burpee
Best Boy Slicer Red Open-Pollinated, Hybrid 75 Medium Indeterminate F1, V, N Heavy yields , 8 oz fruit , long season. Burpee
Better Boy Beefsteak Red Hybrid 75-80 Very Large Indeterminate F1, V, N Better Boy10-16oz (284-454g) Burpee hybrid around for decades, but always reliable. Resistance to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt Race 1, Nematodes
BHN 589 F1 Slicer Red Hybrid 75 Medium Determinate F2, V, TMV Overall good quality, shelf life, flavor, and disease resistance. Semi-determinate plants
Big Beef Slicer Red Hybrid 73 Large Indeterminate F2, N, St/L, A, TMV Big BeefAAS Winner. Old-time tomato flavor, early to bear, and highly disease resistant. A good choice in any climate.Ferry-Morse
Big Beef Plus Slicer Red Hybrid 75 Medium Indeterminate HR: A/F2/FOR/St-L/ToMV/ToTV/V, IR: Ma/TSWV Big BeefBeefsteak with improved disease resistance. 7 ½ to 8 ½ ounces, with old-time tomato flavor, an improved variety of Big Beef, bigger and sweeter.
Brandy Boy Hybrid Beefsteak Pink Hybrid 78 Large Indeterminate Burpee just says "disease-resistance" Brandywine hybrid, BurpeeBrandywine pink says it has flavor of Brandywine heirloom tomato with a tidier growth habit, improved disease-resistance and bigger, earlier yields. Large pink fruits up to 5 1/2" across. They claim it has more disease resistance than Brandywine heirloom, but I have not seen any difference in years I grew both.
Buffalosteak Slicer Red Hybrid 80 Very large Indeterminate HR: F/ToMV/V, Solid, meaty, and flavorful, 12 - 18 Ounces, Fusarium Wilt (Race 1), Nematodes, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Verticillium Wilt SeedsNSuch
Bumble Bee Cherry Striped pink, purple, or yellow/orange bi-color; Hybrid 70 Medium Indeterminate CR  Just under 2 oz.
Campari Salad Red Hybrid 75 Indeterminate Indeterminate ToMV Withstands late blight and fruit cracking.  2 oz fruits in clusters
Carmello Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Indeterminate Indeterminate F1, St/L, N, TMV, ToMV, V Round fruit , early tomato.
Celebration F1 Slicer Red Hybrid 72 Determinate Determinate F2, V, ToMV Large, deep fruit.
Celebrity Plus Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Medium Determinate V, St/L, A, HR: F2, HR: ToMV Improved Celebrity tomato (an AAS Winner). Fruits are larger than the original Celebrity, 7 to 8 ozs.
Chef's Choice Bicolor Beefsteak Yellow / red Hybrid 75 Large Indeterminate Scab 10 - 12 oz. each. Globe-shaped.
Chef's Choice Orange Beefsteak Orange Heirloom 75 Large Indeterminate HR: TMV AAS Winner.  Earlier and more productive than most orange beefsteaks. 9 to 16 ounces
Cloudy Day Cherry Dark red / black Hybrid 70 Medium Indeterminate Early and Late Blight resistance From England, it does well in cool, cloudy weather and northern climates. High yield of 5-oz (141-g)
Cobra Cherry Red Hybrid 72 Small Indeterminate F2, V, LB, ToMV Excellent  for the greenhouse or outdoors. Round  7 oz tomatoes
Container's Choice Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Medium Determinate F2, V  6 to 8 oz. flattened, beefsteak-type fruits.
Crimson Carmello Slicer Red Hybrid 75 Medium Indeterminate V, N, LB, TMV Red juicy with clusters of medium-sized round fruit
Cuore di Albenga Paste Red Heirloom 85 Medium Indeterminate moderately disease resistant. Italian heirloom , ribbed pear-shaped fruit, 
Damsel Slicer Pink Hybrid 75 Large Indeterminate F1, V, N, LB Big, pink, globe-shaped heirloom Blend of sweet and acid like an heirloom
Early Pick VF Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Medium Determinate VF  
Fantastic Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Medium Indeterminate CR FantasticHeirloom flavor excellent for canning.
First Lady II Cherry Red Open-Pollinated 52 Small Indeterminate F1 Cherry tomatoes5 oz red fruit
Geranium Kiss Cherry Cherry Open-Pollinated Heirloom 65 Small Dwarf Determinate AB, SP GREAT for container growing.
Gold Nugget Cherry Orange Open-Pollinated 56 Small Determinate V 1" round-to-oval fruits.
Gold Spark Cherry Yellow Hybrid 68 Small Indeterminate CR, LM, ToMV Yellow grape
Grandma's Pick Beefsteak Red Hybrid 78 Medium Indeterminate F1, V, N, St/L Flattened, pleated fruit 3 1/2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall.
Heirloom Marriage Marzinera Paste Red Hybrid 75 Small Indeterminate F1 Combination of San Marzano and Cream Sausage  2–3 oz oval paste tomatoes
Jubilee Slicer Bright, golden-orange Open-Pollinated, Heirloom 80 Small Indeterminate Good disease resistence JubileeAAS Winner. , 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter, average 6 to 8 oz
Juliet Cherry Red Hybrid 60 Small Indeterminate F1, N, AB, LB, CR AAS Winner.  2 1/2"-long 2 oz sweet, firm grape shaped fruit
Juliet Hybrid Cherry Red Hybrid 60 Small Indeterminate SP Elongated, grape-like clusters of sweet fruits
La Roma III Paste Red Hybrid 76 Medium Determinate F1, V, N, St/L, A La Roma IIIClassic Roma type paste tomato, 5-8 oz, Excellent for canning, pastes, and sauces.
Laguna Red Hybrid Slicer Red Hybrid 72 Medium Determinate HR: TMV, HR: F2, IR:St/L, IR: TYLCV Globe-shaped  8-12 oz.,
Legend Slicer Red Open-Pollinated 68 Large Determinate LB 4"-5"  Cold tolerant..
Little Margo Hybrid Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Small Determinate F1, V 6 oz. flattened shape
Marglobe Salad Red Open-Pollinated 75 Medium Determinate Good disease resistance First released in 1925,  it has 8-10 oz  globe-shaped fruit.
Mason Marvel. Ph.D Beefsteak Pink Hybrid 81 Large Indeterminate LB Introduced in 2020 by SESE]. Great flavor and few seeds. Developed for resistance to Late Blight.SeedsNSuch
Medford Slicer Red Open-Pollinated 80 Medium Determinate F1, V  crack-resistant tomatoes.
Mortgage Lifter VFN Beefsteak Red Hybrid 80 Very Large Indeterminate ab, asc, vw, fw1, rkn  Mortgage LifterCompared to "Mortgage Lifter" above, it has increased disease-resistance, more uniform fruit, ripening. Becomes red with Large, 10-14 oz. fruits, although slightly smaller than the original Mortgage Lifter. The plants are much more productive.  6-7 ft. tall plants bear until frost.Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Moskvich Salad Red Open-Pollinated, Heirloom 60 Small Indeterminate CR Deep red small fruits
Mountain Magic Hybrid Cherry Red Hybrid 72 Small Indeterminate F2, V  supersweet, Campari-type tomato. round, 2 oz fruits
Mountain Merit Slicer Red Hybrid 75 Small Determinate HR: F3/LB/TSWV/V, IR: AB/N AAS Winner. Excellent resistance to Late Blight,
Orange Paruche Cherry Orange Hybrid 67 Small Semi-Determinate F1, ToMV, TMV Sweet and flavorful
Oregon Spring Salad Red Open-Pollinated 70 Small Determinate V Early variety 3-5 oz f Almost seedless which makes them great for ketchup and sauces.
Plum Crimson Plum Red Hybrid 80 Medium Determinate F3, V Determinate saladette.
Pomodoro Squisito Paste Red Hybrid 72 Nedium Indeterminate HR: F1, ToMV, V, IR: TYLCV Pomodoro SquisitoSan Marzano hybrid
Pozzano Paste Red Hybrid 72 Small Indeterminate HR: F2/V/ToMV San Marzano for  greenhouse.4-6 oz tomatoes.
Purple Zebra Salad Green-streaked, deep red Hybrid 70 Medium Indeterminate LB, LM, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV, V skin, billiard-ball-sized , very disease resistant
Roma Paste Red Heirloom 76 Small Determinate Moderate disease resistance Red, pear-shaped fruits that are nice and meaty, with very few seeds. Well-known paste-type tomato, perfect for sauces, pastes and ketchup.
Roma VF Paste Red Hybrid 76 Small Determinate F1, V, N, A, LB Roma VFImproved Roma, with better disease resistance. fruits that are nice and meaty, with very few seeds. Well-known paste-type tomato, perfect for sauces, pastes and ketchup.
Siletz Slicer Red   60   Determinate F1, V  4" in size, almost seedless.
Skyway Slicer Red Heirloom, Hybrid 78 Large Determinate F3, V, TSWV, N, TYLCV, ToANV Large red,  ribbed, beefsteak-type tomatoes.
Sugar Plum Grape Cherry Red Hybrid 75 Small Indeterminate F1  1 inch grape-shaped fruit
Sunray Slicer Yellow Open-Pollinated 75 Large Indeterminate F1, V Like Jubilee with strong Fusarium Wilt resistance.
Sunrise Sauce Paste Pale red Hybrid 60 Small Determinate F1, V Sunrise SaucePaste / Roma  3–4 oz. fruit
Sunsugar Cherry Orange-red Hybrid 62 Small Indeterminate CR, IR: F1/TMV ½ oz fruits g.
Super Bush Slicer Red Hybrid 70 Small Determinate disease-resistant A good choice for growing in containers
Super Fantastic Beefsteak Red Hybrid   Medium Indeterminate F1, V, CR Super Fantastic10 oz tomatoes, with Resistance to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt Race 1
Sweet Million Cherry Red Hybrid 65 Small Indeterminate F1, TMV  Super-sweet cherry, larger than Sweet 100.
Tomatoberry Cherry Red Hybrid 55 Small Indeterminate F1, ToMV High-yielding  with 1x1 inch. fruit
Verona Plum Red Hybrid 67 Small Indeterminate HR: F2/V, IR: AB Similar to Juliet, but better tasting 2 1/2 oz.
Viva Italia Paste Red Open-Pollinated 75 Small Indeterminate F2, V, N, A, B 3-4 oz  red Roma tomatoes. Great for paste, sauce, salsa, tomato soup, and ketchup; and for canning and freezing.
Zucchello Salad Red Hybrid 75 Small Indeterminate F1, V, N plum-mini tomato,.


How to save money and grow better tomatoes

Start you own tomatoes from seed!  This year the Bonnie plants at Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart are selling for around $5 PER PLANT. That is INSANE! With my method you can grow your own for around 50- cents per plant!

You can also choose tastier and more disease resistant varieties.  IT is SO easy - when you know these tips and tricks. See this page


Tomato disease abbreviations

Disease Resistance Abbreviations
SC Alternaria Stem Canker
EB Early Blight (Alternaria solani)
AB Early Blight (Alternaria solani)
CR Crack Resistance
F1 Fusarium Wilt Race 1
F2 Fusarium Wilt Races 1 and 2
F3 Fusarium Wilt Races 0, 1, and 2
HR High Resistance
MR Medium Resistance
LB Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)
LM Leaf Mold
N Nematodes
St/L Stemphylium (Gray Leaf Spot)
TMV Tobacco Mosaic Virus
ToANV Tomato Apex Necrotic Virus
ToMV Tomato Mosaic Virus (Strains 0, 1, and 2)
TSWV Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
TYLCV Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
V  Verticillium Wilt


Tomato disease descriptions and what to do

See this page for Tomato diseases, their symptoms and what to do


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