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Cherry Varieties Master Table

Cherry Varieties Master TableCherry picking tips

Here, in the order in which they ripe is a master table of cherry varieties, sweet and sour (pie). The cherry season is so brief and is one of the first fruits to ripen in Spring each year.  Be sure not to miss it. and see this page for picking tips and many recipes and easy canning directions, like making your own home canned pie filling!


Days after the earliest variety


Black Tartarian


Early Burlat 1 dark red  
Mona 1 red - dark red  
Berryessa 4 yellow w/ blush  
Santina 4 red
Sweet, Large (31mm), great for eating fresh.
Brooks 5 dark red a large, firm red cherry that tolerates hot climates. Sweet with both complex flavors and a sweet tart blackberry-like taste
Chelan 5 dark red deep, mahogany red, heart-shaped, medium sized, sweet fruits, like Bing.  Sweet, between 16 and 18 % sugar.
Bada 7 yellow w/ blush  
Chinook 7 red - dark red  
Coral 7 red - dark red  
Corum 7 yellow w/ blush  
Larian 7 dark red  


dark red  
Tulare 8 red  
Index 9 dark red  
Garnet 10 red  
Ruby 10 red  
Julbilee 11 red -dark red  
King 11 red - dark red  
Cristalina 12 dark red  
Benton (Columbia) 13 dark red  
Bing 14 dark red Large cherries (29 mm) with deep red color and sweet.
Sweet Ann 14 yellow w/ blush  
Van 14 black  
Summit 15 red  
Rainier 16 yellow w/ blush Very large (32 mm) with more sweetness, less acid. Considered to be the best of the yellow varieties. Good for eating fresh, canning
Utah Giant 16 dark red  
Montmorency 18 dark red Pie (sour) cherry; Small (22mm) used for cooking, it is the classic pie cherry and juice.
Stella 18 dark red  
Lambert 19 dark red  
Selah (Liberty Bell) 19 dark red  
Attika 20 dark red  
Lapins 21 dark red Very large (32 mm) with more sweetness, less acid.
Skenna 21 dark red  
Sweetheat 24 dark red  
Craig 24 dark red  
Blackgold 24   very late mid-season. Good for eating fresh. Self-fertile.
Regina 28 red Very late Medium-Large (31mm), flavor like Bing, good for  eating fresh, canning.

Cherry Varieties in Alphabetical Order

Variety Days ahead or after Bing Color  
Attika +6 dark red  

Bada -7 yellow w/ blush  

Balck Tartarian -14 black  

Benton (Columbia) -1 dark red  

Berryessa -10 yellow w/ blush  

Bing 0 dark red  

Brooks -9 dark red  

Chelan -9 dark red  

Chinook -7 red - dark red  

Coral -7 red - dark red  

Corum -7 yellow w/ blush  


Cristalina -2 dark red  

Early Burlat -14 dark red  

Garnet -4 red  

Index -5 dark red  

Julbilee -3 red -dark red  

King -3 red - dark red  

Lambert +5 dark red  

Lapins +7 dark red  

Larian -7 dark red  

Mona -14 red - dark red  

Rainier +2 yellow w/ blush  

Ruby -4 red  

Selah (Liberty Bell) +5 dark red  

Skenna +7 red  

Star Crimson +4 dark red
Stella +4 dark red  

Summit +1 red  

Sweet Ann 0 yellow w/ blush  

Sweetheat +10 dark red  

Tieton -6 dark red  

Tulare -6 red  

Utah Giant +2 dark red  

Van 0 black