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Looking for a local, pick-your-own farm in Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada? Scroll down this page and you will see the U-Pick farms in Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada, sorted by county. Those that offer organic or sustainably grown produce are identified by the words "organic" and/or "sustainable" in Green, next to their name  (see "What does Organic mean?"). The U-pick crops they offer follow the name of the farm. To search the page for a specific crop, use Ctrl-F (or on an ipad or Mac, use their "search on this page" function) If they have a website, the name will be in blue and underlined; click on it and it will open their website. If you find anything outdated or inaccurate, see the customer and farmer menus (as appropriate) at the top menu bar to submit updates and corrections and help me keep each current!

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Remember to always check with the farm's own website or Facebook page before you go - or call or email them if they don't have a website or Facebook page. Conditions at the farms and crops can change literally overnight, so if you want to avoid a wasted trip out there - check with the farm directly before you go! And if you know of any farms I missed and want to add a farm, please let me know!   I'm making updates for this year as fast as I can - if you find anything out-of-date, wrong or not working - please let me know! This website is supported by purchases you make through the links to products on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This allows me to continue to maintain the website and make improvements!

What's in season in May 2024, and other timely information:

Notes for May 2024: Spring is here! Strawberry season is here.  It started in February in Florida, Texas, southern California and a few other areas of the Deep South; then March along the Gulf coast, April in the Deep South and west coast, May through much of the country, and June in northern areas. Blueberries are next, about a month later. Of course, cool weather crops, like Rhubarb, asparagus and greens should be available almost everywhere. Check your area's crop calendar (see this page) and call your local farms for seasonal updates.

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Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada U-Pick Farms and Orchards in 2024, by county

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Edmonton area of Alberta

  • A5 Berry Farm - saskatoon berries
    54053 Range Road 215, Ardrossan, Alberta T8E 2B7. Phone: 780-998-2782. Fax: 780 992 9820. Email: Three acres of saskatoon berries.
  • Attracted 2 Apples Attracted 2 Apples Attracted 2 Apples - apples,
    54264 Range Road 213, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L3Y9. Email: Open: Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4:30 pm. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Directions: - Take Highway 16 East, in the direction toward Lloydminster from Edmonton, until you reach RR213. - Turn left onto RR213 and go North for 6 miles (~10km) at which point you will have to stop for a STOP sign. (Township Road 542) - continue straight on RR213 and go north for an additional 3/4 of a mile (1.2 km). - turn left at the entrance when you see the sign "U-Pick Apples". Click here for a map and directions. Labor day weekend to the end of September, or until the apples are all picked. Payment: Cash, only. - fresh eating apples, that also work well for cooking - 800 tree Apple Orchard - 12 new varieties of apples from the University of Saskatchewan. (ADDED: September 03, 2017)
  • The Berry Farm - Uses natural growing practices, apples, currants (red and black), other berries, plums, raspberries (red), raspberries (Autumn, yellow), raspberries (black), raspberries (Autumn, black), rhubarb, saskatoons,
    52002 Range Road 232, Sherwood Park, AB T8B1B3. Phone: 780-918-3221. Email: Open: Call for an appointmen, We're sorry but drop in U Pick is not available. - Saturday Sunday 8:30 to Dark, May 24th to September 1st. Directions: Look for a big white metal gate. Gates open at 8:30 am on weekends. Click here for a map and directions. We use natural practices, but are not seeking organic certification. Payment: Cash, Cheque. Cash or Cheque only. All fruit and berries are $4 per lb. by weight. Also known as The Berry Farm (at Christie's Corner). The Berry Farm is a tiny family farm, non-certified organic, and produces limited amounts of a range of fruits, berries, and fruit-based products. These include sea buckthorn, apples, plums, cherries (Evans, Juliette, chokecherries, and pin-cherries), currants (white, red, and black), saskatoons, honeyberries (haskap), and raspberries (purple/black, yellow, and red). Limited amounts of various jams, as well as dehydrated and frozen fruits and berries, are available for sale upon request. Prices may vary from time to time without notice. We suggest checking by email in advance for prices, availability, and other unexpected changes. (UPDATED: September 7, 2018, JBS)
  • The Bevilaqua - Uses natural growing practices, apples, cherries, raspberries (red), raspberries (yellow), raspberries (black),
    51165 Rr 250, Edmonton, AB T9G 0B3. Phone: 780 955 3051. Email: Open: Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm. Directions: : Follow the signs on 127 street sw Edmonton until you get to 41 Avenue sw, our farm is on the left side of the road (east side) just past 41 Avenue at the top of the small hill, you will see signs in the driveway - Corner Of 127 Street And 41 Avenue, South of Ellerslie Road . Click here for a map and directions. Saskatoon berries; July 15 to August 15 Evans cherries; July 31 to August 31 Apples: September to October Honey; year round. We use natural practices, but are not seeking organic certification. Saskatoons are juicy and ready now! NO chemicals of any kind have been used Varieties: Northline, Smokey, Theissen and Martin $ 10;00 for 4 Litre Ice cream pail. Payment: Cash, only.
  • Berry Ridge - currants (red and black), saskatoons
    Box 2, Site 10 RR4, Edmonton, AB T5E 5S7. Phone: 780-916-0244. Email: Directions: Please phone for directions . We are open July, August. Our hours are: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm We sell chokecherries and fresh cut flowers. We also sell fruit packed for commercial use by processors. Big Rock Berry Farm Map
  • Big Rock Berry Farm - raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, cherries, and haskaps
    3-51310 Range Road 261, Spruce Grove AB T7Y 1B5. Phone: 780-886-3387. Email: Open: Upick No Appt Necessary; Call ahead for u - picking dates and hours, starting mid-July. . Directions: Lot #3 in Saramaga Avenue off of Fleming Road. Payment:: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, Cheque. Watch for our pumpkin patch picking date October. Click here for a link to our Facebook page. U-Pick Strawberries, Rhubarb, Saskatoons and Raspberries. Our hours during the week (Monday to Friday) are by appointment and on weekends first come first serve! Contact us via phone or text or email with questions or to book an appointment to pick! Berries in season in July. Come enjoy our beautiful farm & pick a pail! NOTE: We are on Range Road 261 (NOT Range Road 274). If you click on the Facebook map, it will try to take you to RR 274. Our season is expected to be approximately mid-July to mid-August depending on the weather & how the fruit is growing. We will post here and on our website when we have ripe fruit and are open for picking. (UPDATED: July 12, 2022, JBS) (ADDED: September 7, 2017, JBS)
  • Boissonneault Family Farms - raspberries (red), raspberries (Spring, red), raspberries (Autumn, red), strawberries, other vegetables, Honey from hives on the farm, Fresh eggs, farm animals, school tours
    55314 Range Road 255, Sturgeon County, AB T8R 2M6. Phone: 780-504-7522. Alternate phone: 788-235-6984. Email: Open: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm; Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm, July 1 to October 31; Best to call or text before heading out to they farm. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Picking updates: Click here for picking updates. Directions: Payment: Cash, only. Click here for our Facebook page. (UPDATED: July 10, 2019, JBS) (ADDED: February 14, 2017)
  • Bokey Blooms Farms - No pesticides are used, haskaps, U-pick and already picked, restrooms
    55231 Highway 2, Sturgeon County, AB T8R 0G5. Phone: (780) 667-5308. Email: Open: July 3 to 31 from 9 am to 7 pm. Directions: South of Morinville between Cardiff and Carbondale Roads right on Highway 2. Click here for a map and directions. We do not use pesticides on the crops. Payment: Cash, only. Click here for our Facebook page. (ADDED: July 12, 2021)
  • Brix 'n Berries Farm - saskatoons, strawberries, raspberries, vegetables
    25157 Twp 490, Leduc, AB T9E 6L6. Phone: 780.980.5386. Cell: 780.554.5272. Email: Open: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm; Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm; Closed Sundays and Mondays. U-Pick 4 litre buckets available for purchase $2.00 each. SASKATOON BERRIES are U-PICK $3.00/lb in 2017. During harvest berries will be available fresh off the harvester Frozen Saskatoons available year-round in 5 lb bags and 25 lb boxes. Strawberries and raspberries are First come, first-served; U-Pick (includes berry basket). pre-picked baskets available upon request. Vegetable varieties will vary depending on the year.Vegetables that are ready will be picked and available in the store for your convenience. Our Fall Harvest Sale gives you the opportunity to harvest your own veggies. Our on-farm store has a variety of value added products: jams, jellies, pickles, pickled peppers, syrups, and vinegars. Selection will vary during the season. Click here for a link to our Facebook page. (ADDED: September 7, 2017, JBS)
  • Cornerstone Gardens - UPDATE: April 15, 2019: The owner tells me they are now permanently closed
  • Creekside Home and Garden - raspberries (red), saskatoons, Black Currants, cranberries, chokcherries, gift shop, restrooms, U-pick and already picked, farm market
    215 Street And 23 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T7Y 1A9. Phone: (780) 470-0527. Fax: (780) 470-0565. Email: Open: Hours of operation change seasonally. Please check online Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Picking updates: Click here for picking updates. Directions: Please visit our website for a map to our farm & garden centre. Click here for a map and directions. Crops are usually available starting in July. Payment: Cash, Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx. Black Currants. Bedding Plants, Trees & Shrubs in season. Creekside Home and Garden grows an assortment of delicious berries. Quality and timing of the berries greatly depend on the weather through the growing and fruit season, so be sure to *call ahead for crop quality and state. Click here for a link to our Facebook page.
    SASKATOON BERRIES Approximate season; 3rd week of July - 2nd week of August
    RASPBERRIES Approximate season: 3rd/4th week of July - 1st week of September
    CRANBERRIES Approximate season: 1st week of September - 3rd week of September
    BLACK CURRANTS Approximate season: 4th week of July - 2nd week of August
    CHOKECHERRIES Approximate season: 4th week of August - 4th week of September. (UPDATED: February 16, 2019)
  • Creekside Saskatoon Berry Farm - Minimizes chemical and pesticide use, raspberries (Autumn, red), saskatoons
    53418 Range Road 231, Sherwood Park, AL T8A4V4. Phone: (780)243-2652. Email: Open: See our Facebook page for updated season and hours. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Picking updates: Click here for picking updates. Directions: We are five minutes North of Yellow Head Trail (Highway 16) on Cloverbar Road. Click here for a map and directions. We minimize use of pesticides and other chemicals. Payment: Cash, only.
  • Cruthers Berry Farm - Saskatoon berries, Raspberries, Chokecherries, Pin cherries, Sour cherries
    Box 3366, Vermilion, Alberta T9X 2B3. Phone: 780-853-4223 Email: Open: daily in July; 7 Days a week (starting June) 8:30 am until sunset . Directions: 1 km west of Lakeland College main entrance. We are on the north side of the road. Watch for our sign. Established in 1994; have about 5 acres of berries.
  • Darwell Country Gardens - U-pick Strawberries, saskatoons, and raspberries.
    54424 HWY 765, Box 75 Darwell AB T0E 0L0. Phone: 780-892-3084. Email: Open: Upick By Appt. Directions: Darwell 3 km N of Darwell on SH765. Rural address is 54424 H765. We are a u-pick farm just north of Darwell, AB. Opening soon is a petting zoo. We do fieldtrips for schools. We also do Pre-picked Custom Orders. Click here for a link to our Facebook page. (ADDED: September 7, 2017, JBS)
  • Don's Berries & Vegetables - Flowers, Strawberries, Pumpkin, Rhubarb, Vegetables:
    Range Road 252 north, Sturgeon County, AB. Phone: 780-939-0144. Open: Upick By Appt. Directions: From St. Albert #2 North 7 km to Highway 37 overpass. Take Ft. Saskatchewan exit east for 2 km then turn left at first road north, Range Road 252 north, second place on right side. (ADDED: September 7, 2017, JBS)
  • Dunvegan Gardens (Fort McMurray) - strawberries
    128 Garden Lane, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5N4. Phone: Phone: 780-791-0212. Open: call for hours and availability. Directions: Drive south east on Buylea Ave. Road changes to Draper Road. Continue 4 km to our sign. Turn left on Garden Lane and follow to the end. We grow Fruit: Junebearing Strawberries, Raspberries, Saskatoon Berries, Pumpkin, Vegetables: Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Peas, Peppers, Rutabagas, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Turnips, Winter Squash Zucchini. Specialties: Bedding Plants, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees. Produce may be available as u-pick only, pre-pick only, or some are both u-pick and pre-picked. Farm Store, Refreshments. U-Pick, no appointment necessary. Pre-picked custom orders, Farm Gate Sales.
    Comments from a visitor on September 28, 2010: "We love visiting this farm. It's beautiful and usually the strawberries are so plentiful to doesn't take long to fill a bucket. The staff is very laid back and makes you feel at home. We make it an annual visit and spend the day or weekend doing all kinds of things out there, and our freezer is always full of yummy produce by the end. They have tons of different vegetables to buy in their shop, as well as a few different options for U pick. The farm is set on a river with a campground and playground, it's great for day use or camping overnight. They also have some historical buildings and other activities to keep one busy."
  • Grove Berry Patch - saskatoons, raspberries, black currants, high bush cranberries and vegetables
    52430 Range Road 265, Spruce Grove, AB. Phone: 780-962-5824. Alternate phone: 780-999-8141. Open: daily 9 am to 6 pm and evenings by appointment; Extended during Saskatoon season, open 'til dusk. Directions: GPS: Latitude: N53 degrees 31, 554 Longitude: W113 degrees 48, 781. Off Highway 16A between Spruce Grove and Edmonton. Turn south on Range Road 265 (also known as Spruce Valley Road) and go 1.5 km. Farm is on the right, watch for large gate sign. Also, watch for new blue highway signs. Please, don't forget to call ahead to check what berry and vegetables are ready for you! Grove Berry Patch is a family owned and operated farm with 20 acres of saskatoon berries and 1 acre of raspberries, black currants, high bush cranberries and vegetables. Grove Berry Patch is a terrific one stop shop near Edmonton for seasonal vegetables and local berries. Kameron and Carol Jones have transformed the farm into a thriving, exciting and fun place to visit. During berry season, young and old are invited to come and pick berries and garden vegetables. (ADDED: September 7, 2017, JBS)
  • Happy Acres U-Pick - 2023 permanently closed 
    Rr 273, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3R6. Open: UPDATE for 2023: They are permanently closed Click here for our Facebook page.
  • Horse Hill Berry Farm - raspberries (red), porta-potties are available, picnic area
    3203-211 Avenue NE, Edmonton, AB T5Y6P1. Phone: 780-245-4930 . Email: Open: daily from mid-July through August from 10 am to 5pm and by appointment. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, only. . Click here for our Facebook page. The ONLY pyo crops offered are raspberries. WE HAVE 4 VARIETIES OF RASPBERRIES, SO WHEN YOU VISIT US. WE'LL INVITE YOU TO TRY A FEW BEFORE YOU START PICKING. (UPDATED: June 13, 2020)
  • Joe & Audrey's Berry Farm - Saskatoon berries, Black currants, Gooseberries, High-bush cranberry, Wild black cherries (chokecherries), Raspberries, Pin cherries, Sour cherries
    52430 RR 265, Spruce Grove, Alberta T7X 3H2. Phone: 780-962-5824 Fax: 780-962-5824. Saskatoons started in 1985 - 1993; all mature and 16 acres in full production. 11 kms west from CFRN station in Edmonton on Hwy 16A to Range Road 265 or Spruce Valley Road. Turn left (south) and go 1.5 km.
  • Lizzees Berry Farms Inc. -Saskatoon berries
    South Wizard Lake Road, Almar, Alberta T0C 0V0. Phone: 780-985-3909 Fax: 780-985-3909 (phone first). Email: Established in 1997 - 5 acres growing smoky, Northline and Theissen saskatoon berries. Directions: 13.6 km west of Hwy 2 Millet overpass on Secondary Hwy 616. 1.6 km north on Sec Hwy 795, 3 km west on South Wizard Lake Road. Click here for a map.
  • Monty's Berry Patch - Saskatoon berries, Raspberries, Rhubarb
    RR # 5, Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 1X2. Phone: 780-352-7564 Fax: 780-352-8682. Email: Established in 1995; have about 1,000 trees. Open noon to 8:30 pm. Directions: Exit Hwy 2 at Correctionline Overpass (6 km north of Wetaskiwin overpass or 6 km south of Millet overpass). Go west on overpass and take first north (RR 255). We are 1 km on east side of road.
  • New Sarepta GardensNew Sarepta Gardens - Uses natural growing practices, raspberries (Autumn, red), saskatoons,
    Hwy 21, New Sarepta, AB T0B 3MO. Phone: 780-297-3812. Email: Open: Everyday in saskatoon season;;; from sunup to sundown. Directions: N.e. Corner Of The Hamlet Of New Sarepta. Right on the edge of the village., , We're just off highway 21, in the Hamlet of New Sarepta. Take the Anthony Henday to highway 14. Turn south onto highway 21. Continue on to the exit for New Sarepta. Turn left and follow the signs into the hamlet (3 km.). You will cross the railway tracks before you have to turn right down Schlender Avenue If you cross the tracks again, you've gone 150m too far. We're at the end of Schlender Avenue. Click here for a map and directions. Saskatoons are usually ready for picking around the 20th of July; Raspberries about two weeks later. We use natural practices, but are not yet certified Organic. Payment: Cash, only.
  • Pork Palace Orchard / enSante Winery - Saskatoons , Wild black cherries (chokecherries), Raspberries, Seabuckthorn, Apples and crabapples
    Range Road 115, Brosseau, Alberta T0B 0P0, Phone: 780-657-2275, Fax: 780-657-2410. Email: Farm is certified organic by OCIA Interational. Sampling of over 50 varieties of apples established in 1997. Major planting in 2001 to 2002; over 800 apple, pear and plum trees. Open summer months by appointment - 7 days a week. 5 miles north of North Saskatchewan River on Hwy 36 to Twnship Road 564; turn right (east) to Range Rd 115. We are on the corner. Or south on Hwy 36 from St. Brides to Range Road 115, turn left (south) for 3 miles to Township Rd 564. The Chrapkos have an 8-acre orchard (6.5 acres in apples and 1.5 acres in mixed fruits), operating primarily as a U-Pick operation. Under cultivation are rhubarb, pears, strawberries cherries, plums,
  • Pipestone Berry Farm - beans, beets, carrots, cucumbers, currants (red and black), onions, other berries, peas, raspberries, rhubarb, saskatoons, tomatoes, other vegetables, and prepicked produce
    19 Klm west of Millet, Alberta T0C1Z0. Phone: 780-387-5466. Fax: 780-387-7486. Email: Directions: Mid way between Wizzard Lake & Pigeon Lake on Hwy 795. Watch for signs. Open: Daily Mid June thru August from 9 am to 6 pm Rhubarb May-June . Saskatoons Early July -Mid Aug. Raspberries Late July--End August Vegetables Mid-June end Aug Payment: Cash, only. We have a 10 acre park like berry farm established in 2000 with over 3000 producing Northline, Thiessen and Martin Saskatoon trees as well as raspberries, rhubarb, honeyberry, black & red currant and a well cared for vegetable garden. A small on site kiosk provides refreshments, our own jams, jellies, preserves, vegetables and frozen (U Bake) pies and recipes. A full service restaurant is located one block away. Handicap access to berries is provided with golf carts and all areas are seeded to lawn. Ample on site parking and picnic tables are available for groups or individuals. Over 40 birdhouses provide nesting for swallows who provide us with a virtual mosquito free picking area. Wear hats for picking and long sleeves for picking raspberries. For further info contact Tonia or Russ by phone, fax or e mail.
  • Prairie Berry Farm - Uses natural growing practices, cherries, currants (red and black), other berries, raspberries (red), raspberries (yellow), saskatoons, U-pick and already picked, restrooms, picnic area you may bring your own food
    51220 Range Road 213, Sherwood Park, AB T8G 1E7. Phone: (780) 922-6779. Email: Open: daily during harvest season from 9 am to 7 pm. Directions: Approximately 30 km. Southeast of Edmonton on highway 14 to Range Road 213. We're on the north side of the highway. Just look for our sign (or the orchard!). Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, only. Only saskatoons are available pre-picked. All other fruit is only available as you-pick. We are no longer offering the garden produce for sale unless there is a surplus. Please ask at the farm if any vegetables are available. Please check out our website for updated information. (ADDED: March 03, 2015)
  • Prairie Gardens And Greenhouses - peas, pumpkins, strawberries, Other fruit or veg, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, corn maze, haunted corn maze, straw or hay bale maze, child-sized haybale maze, corn cannon, gift shop, snacks and refreshment stand, picnic area, tractor-pulled hay rides, face painting, pony rides, petting zoo
    56311 Lily Lake Road 25 km north of Edmonton, Alberta, Bon Accord, AB T0A 0. Phone: 780-921-2272. Email: Directions: From Edmonton, Alberta: 25 km North of Edmonton on Hwy 28 (97St.) to Bon Accord. 1 km past Bon Accord on Hwy 28, then turn left onto Lily Lake Road. 2km North on Lily Lake Road. We are open April through October. Open: 7 days a Week, 10-6. Strawberry picking days are Wednesday and Saturday, weather permitting. Festival Hours 11-5. Garden Centre Hours May - June 9-9. U-Pick Strawberries are ready July 15 - August 10. We are a host farm of the Country Soul Stroll, the third weekend of July. Come to our Fairy Berry Festival on the August Long Weekend. Haunted Pumpkin Festival - October 1 - October 30. Open for scheduled tours weekdays, and 11-5 on weekends in Oct. Payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx. We are an award winning farm - Alberta Farm Direct Marketer of the Year, Alberta Greenhouse Grower of the Year, and Growing Alberta Leadership Award for Community Spirit, The Fairy Berry Festival celebrates the sweetest 'fairy' strawberries of the season in Alberta with fairytales, fairies, and pirates! We also have new potatoes during strawberry season.
  • Rosy Farms - haskaps
    57114 Range Road 264, Alcomdale, AB, T8R 0Y8. Email: Open: see their website. Directions: We are the first township road north of Alcomdale, 571, go east. Take your first right, north, on Range Road 264.
    Staff will meet you at the blue shed. Picking instructions will be explained.  Weigh your containers before you start. (Please BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS). You will be directed to the picking rows for that day.. Haskaps are also known as “Honeyberries”.  Rosy Farms facebook page.  (ADDED: May 15, 2023, JBS)
  • Roy's Raspberries - raspberries, and prepicked produce, snacks and refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area
    26421 Highway 16A, Acheson, AB T7X 5. Phone: (780)962-3959. Directions: 6km West of Edmonton corporate limits on Highway 16A, located on the south side of the highway. We are open July, August, September. Our hours are: 8 am to 8 pm daily We use natural practices, but are not yet certified Organic. Payment: Cash, only. Pre-picked raspberries are available on a pre-ordered basis. Farm gate sales are not always available, so phone ahead to ensure that we can have them ready for you
  • The Saskatoon Farm - Saskatoon berries
    RR # 1, DeWinton, Alberta T0L 0X0. Phone: 403-938-6245 or 1-800-463-2113 Fax: 403-938-6245. Email: 52 acres of U-Pick saskatoons. Open year round with seasonal hours (9-5). Accept credit cards. We have a cafe on-site that offers freshly baked saskatoon pie and coffee as well as lunch items. 19 km south of Calgary on Hwy # 2; east on 338 avenue (see train display); straight east 3 km.
  • Saskatoon Valley Orchards - Saskatoon berries
    Box 19, Site 502, RR 5, Stony Plain, Alberta T7Z 1X5. Phone: 780-963-8311. Fax: 780-963-8311. Email: Established in 1996; 11,000 Saskatoon trees for you to pick - Smoky, Northline, Thiesson and Honeywood. Open July and August from 8 am to 9 pm; no appointment necessary. 6 km S of Stony Plain to Hw 627; 13 km W on 627 to RR 22, 1 km south. Watch for signs.
  • Sprout Apple Farm - UPDATE for 2021: Note: We no longer do pick your own,
    Bon Accord, AB T0A 0K0.
  • Strawberry Fields - strawberries
    140 Grandisle Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 2P1. Phone: 780-695-3146 (text). Email: Open: Please call ahead. Occasionally we close unexpectedly due to low berry supply; Upick By Appt; host pickers on an appointment based system. If you wish to come out one morning or afternoon please text us at 780-695-3146. Due to volume we cannot respond to phone calls.You can also reach us by email. Directions: from the City of Edmonton the best driving directions are: 1. Get on to the Anthony Henday. 2. Take the Cameron Heights W exit (Maskekosihk Trail). 3. Turn Left onto 184 St NW (Maskekosihk Trail). 4. Turn Right onto 23 Ave NW (Maskekosihk Trail). 5. At the first stop sign (detour) urn Left (South) onto the construction site. 6. Turn Left (East) onto 199 St. 7. Turn Left onto Grandisle Rd Destination will be on the left. Feel free to park on the side of the road by the gate. We are located Southwest Edmonton. Only a 30 min drive from down town Edmonton and 15 min from West Edmonton Mall. See our map for specific instructions. Click here for a link to our Facebook page. (ADDED: September 7, 2017, JBS)
  • Steven's Strawberries - Strawberries
    Highway 13 and Highway 2, AB T9A0V7. Phone: 780-352-2924. Open: Monday through Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00 during the season, from early July through late September; Call first. Directions: located on Highway 13, 1 km west of Highway 2 in central Alberta. We're 30 minutes south of Edmonton, and 50 minutes north of Red Deer; click here for a map. They grow both Day Neutral and June Bearing varieties (that means a long harvesting season). All our plants and berries are spray-free and we don't use any pesticides. Payment: accept Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards.. Click here for a link to our Facebook page.
    Comments from a visitor on July 04, 2009: "It's fine - but the strawberries are stellar! I'm sure there must be restrooms. ."
  • Sunnybrook Hill Orchards - sour cherries
    48041 - RR 22 Sunnybrook, Leduc County, AB T0C 2M0. Email: Open: from mid-August though to the first week of September. They also have cherry products such as jams, syrups, sour cherry BBQ sauce, and U-Bake frozen cherry pies. They also have cherry food concessions, like cherry pie, ice cream, cherry iced tea. Varieties: Carmine Jewel, Valentine U-Pick sour cherries.  (ADDED: May 16, 2023, JBS)
  • T&D's Saskatoons - Uses natural growing practices, saskatoons,
    55027 Range Road 252, Sturgeon County, AB T8T 0S2. Phone: 780 939 7161. Email: Open: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm; The season usually starts Saturday in early July. Directions: 5.5 kilometers North of Saint Albert on Highway 2, 1.6 kilometers East on Highway 37, 1.7 kilometers North on Range Road 252. You will see our U-pick sign on the right side of the road. Saskatoon season typically begins sometime in the first two weeks of July and continues for approximately three weeks; Please call or email us if you are unsure that we are open. Payment: Cash, only. Absolutely no chemicals have been used on the orchard since being established in 1994. Approximately 1000 Thiessen Saskatoon trees on 10 hand groomed rows. Great for pies, jams, jellies, wine and fresh eating. Friendly family service. Call or email us if you have any questions or need directions from another location. We hope to see you here soon!. (UPDATED: July 08, 2016) (aka, T and F D Saskatoons, T&D's Saskatoons)
  • U-pick It - vegetables of all kinds, carrot, peas, beans, cucumber, dill, beets, onions, and raspberries,
    Range Road 75, Evansburg, AB. Open: See their website for for hours and availability. Directions: 2.5 KM North of Evansburg; See their website for directions. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, only.. fertilizer free, pesticide free Click here for our Facebook page. (ADDED: August 29, 2017, Suggested by a visitor)

Other Local Farm Products (Honey, Horses, Milk, Meat, Eggs, Etc.)
(NOT pick-your-own, unless they are also listed above)